17 December 2017

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November 2006

Win for the Demcrats is the Voters Signal for a New Course

The voters have made their decision. They have sent the signal to the Bush administration that they want a new course. They have clearly given Democrats control of the House and it is very likely that Democrats will have the absolute majority in the Senate. The voters want a change.

Among other things, this election shows that the president no longer has the support of the majority of the people in the U.S. on the war in Iraq. No president can wage a war without the support of the majority of he people. It is time for Bush to realize this and it seems he has.

The resignation of Donald Rumsfeld is the start of a new course. The election is already taking effect. Rumsfeld is the symbol of Bush’s failed policy in Iraq. Now Rumsfeld is gone.

The Democrats must use the momentum of this victory to bring about much needed changes. They should work together with Bush, but there is also need for many investigations. Thanks to the voters the Democrats are in the position to start correcting the mistakes and wrong doings of the Bush administration. It is now time for the Democrats to live up to the voter expectations.

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Make a Good Decision – Vote for a Democrat

As in all elections, this election is about decisions – A decision about whether to vote, a decision about who to vote for. Make a good. More than any other election, though, the decision to vote and the decision to vote for a Democrat will be the best decision you can make.

Since the year 2000 George W. Bush and his Republican led Congress have misguided the U.S. and have brought the country in an extremely precarious situation. To start with Bush and the Republican tax cuts and undisciplined spending have eradicated the budget surpluses of the former administration and turned them into immense deficits raising the U.S. debt to foreign countries to unprecedented level. In addition to this, the trade deficit has reached more than $600 billion a year during his administration. The unusual strength of the dollar and foreign investment in U.S. financial markets cannot compensate for this forever putting the U.S. economy in a very dangerous position.

Worse than his economic policy is his foreign policy. His decision to invade Iraq based on false pretences and without solid international support has done great damage to the image of the U.S. abroad, and has raised questions to the legitimacy of U.S. military actions. The conduct of the war in Iraq has led to greater suffering for the people of Iraq and the U.S. forces there. With no signs of stability and peace coming to Iraq, parallels the quagmire of Vietnam have become apparent. To put it simply: Bush has failed in Iraq.
Finally the abuse of power among the executive and Republican congressmen show the true nature of this party’s sense of government. The number of scandals and convictions are beyond comprehension. This post touches on some recent onces.

Bush is not up for election this year. The Republican representatives and senators are, who have supported his policies are, though. As Paul Krugmann puts it, “this election is all about party control.” In order to change the course this country is taking, Democrats must regain control of Congress. This will keep Bush from putting anymore harmful legislation through Congress. It will also give Congress the ability to start investigating the actions Bush has taken over the years and bring to light any wrong doings. The election of a Democratic president 2008 should bring the U.S. back on a rational course.

On November 7, 2006 it is important to make the right decision. Vote and vote for the Democrats. Give them control of Congress so that the U.S. can get back on course.

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