17 December 2017

Everyone has an opinion about what’s going on in the world. This is mine.

November 2008

Barack Obama Wins the Election

Congratulations Barack Obama! This is not only a great victory him but also a great opportunity for the American people. Obama ran an excellent campaign. It was innovative and well organized. He made excellent use of the new technologies, to raise money and help volunteers to help his campaign. Now it is time to use these strengths to run the country successfully. Continue Reading »

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Palin and the Republican Misleading the Voters on Coal Power

Either Palin’s got it all wrong again or she is purposely misleading the American public. She accuses Barack Obama of talking about „bankrupting the coal industry“. This is not what he said. She makes it sound like he is against coal powered energy. This is wrong. In the very interview[mp3] she is using for her assertions, he clearly states, „if technology allows us to use coal in a clear why we should use it.“ Continue Reading »

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