Palin and the Republican Misleading the Voters on Coal Power

Either Palin’s got it all wrong again or she is purposely misleading the American public. She accuses Barack Obama of talking about „bankrupting the coal industry“. This is not what he said. She makes it sound like he is against coal powered energy. This is wrong. In the very interview[mp3] she is using for her assertions, he clearly states, „if technology allows us to use coal in a clear why we should use it.“

Both the San Francisco Chronicle and the United Mine Workers of America have denounced the McCain/Palin and Republican misleading accusations about what Obama said about coal power in the interview.

Actually if you look at this more carefully, you will see that the Obama view’s on coal make much more sense that those of Palin. Obama sees the importance of clean energy. The effects of fossil fuels on the environment are endangering the earth. He understands this. He sees the need to correct this in order to save our planet. He also understands that we cannot just jump to alternative energy. It will be a slow process. What he has proposed is a transition that will move towards cleaner energy sources without disrupting the availability of energy for current everyday needs.

All Governor Palin can say is „Mine baby mine“ and „Drill baby drill“. That is just a naive simplified view of the problem. It suggests a solution that does not take into account allo the consequences of the action. It would be nice if it were a simple problem for simple minds but it’s not.

Obama’s energy plan has been thought through. Palin either doesn’t grasp the complexity oft he problem and the consequences of her callow solutions.

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