Barack Obama Wins the Election

Congratulations Barack Obama! This is not only a great victory him but also a great opportunity for the American people. Obama ran an excellent campaign. It was innovative and well organized. He made excellent use of the new technologies, to raise money and help volunteers to help his campaign. Now it is time to use these strengths to run the country successfully.

John McCain had a difficult campaign and a very strong opponent. His speech to his supporters acknowledging his defeat was well worded but also sincere. It was the John McCain before he was nominated by the Republicans. Exceptional is his call to his supporters to not just congratulate the president elect, but to help him master the difficulties that the United States faces. He took full responsibility for losing the election, but it was George Bush, who bears a large part of the responsibility. His misguided administration put the country the poor state that it is in. The voters punished McCain for his failures.

Obama must now turn his full and concentrated attention on the presidency. The state of the country is dire. There are enormous challenges to face, mistakes to deal with and an opposition that will very unlikely pull in its tail and sulk in the corner.

George W. Bush and his associates are still around and although they are no longer pulling the strings, they will be pursuing the same goals that they did during their reign. If we lose sight on what they are doing, we could be in for a suprise. The dilligence that kept Guantanamo and the infringements on civil rights must remain.

The Democrate must stand tight behind the new President. The constituents of the representatives must let them know that they have an obligation to support Obama. To bring the United States out of the turmoils they must work with Obama. It is a major challenge, but if they master the challenge this will be acknowleged by the voters. After this election it is clear that the support of the common people prevails over special interest groups and big business.

It is time to look forward. It is time to roll up the sleaves and turn the state of the country around. Time to get rid of the unjustices and wrong-doings. May God protect Obama and help him guide the country to great achievements.

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