Terror plot to simultaneously blow up as many as 10 jets leaving Britain for the U.S.

In Britain today a new terror plot has allegedly been prevented. If true this is a major success against terrorism. The British authorities have save hundreds if not thousands of lives. The hype and the chaos which have ensued, though, are disturbing.

The media has been covering this as though it actually happened. Non-stop reporting on CNN. The main story ,though, is the plight of the travelers stranded in airports, people throwing their toothpaste and after shave into garbage cans, and passengers walking around with plastic bags. This is a major story.

As far as I know, authorities have know about the threat of liquid explosion devices for many years. In 1994 there one was actually set of killing one passenger aboard a Philippine flight to the U.S. Security measures preventing such devices from being smuggled onto airplanes should have been worked out and implemented years ago. It is also questionable if it was really necessary to cancel or postpone all flights. For one the police had just arrested more than 20 suspects.

The reaction to these arrest is just a little odd.

In the past many alleged terrorist plots have been prevented at a point in time that are particularly beneficial to certain politicians trying to improve their ratings or attempting to pass certain legislation and even to justify military offensives. Right now George Bush’s approval ratings are the lowest ever. Israel has committed itself to an aggressive military campaign against the Hisbollah in Lebanon, which has cost many Lebanese civilians much suffering. The support for the military campaign in Iraq is diminishing.

The overreaction to the thwarted plot in Britain must also be considered under these aspects