17 December 2017

Everyone has an opinion about what’s going on in the world. This is mine.


Barack Obama Ad Convinces

I was just going to digg this, but after listening to it I decided it needed a prominent place on the blog here.

I am more convinced than ever that Obama is the best choice for the United States.

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Fight to the End and the Consequences

If the Democratic nomination processes is fought until the end it may seriously damage the Democratic chances of winning the general election. We are taught not to give up, to fight to the end , to not loose hope. That depends, however, what you are fighting for.

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WOrldPinion is back

After a lengthy creative break, a new design and just in time for the presidential election in the U.S., the WOrldPinion blog is back. 😉

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Time for a new Course

On October 22nd George Bush told George Stephanopoulos from ABC that his administration has “never been stay the course.” Immediately dozens of video clips showed Bush constantly has constantly been stating that he will “stay the course.” To some he appears to be blatantly lying to George Stephanopoulos and the American public. To others it seems as though Bush is finally considering pulling out of Iraq. More likely, though, he just goofed up what he was trying to say. What he was trying to say was that his administration and the military have always been adapting their strategy and tactics to win in Iraq.

Not only did Bush slip and appear to go back on his standard statement that he would stay the course, but on a closer look he has admitted that he and his administration do not have a functioning strategy in Iraq. He say that he and the military are “constantly changing tactics.” This means things are not working. It seems Bush and the military commanders do not know what their doing.

Just listen to his answer to George Stephanopoulos’ question asking Bush if a change of strategy shouldn’t come before the elections. Bush answers, “The strategy — rememeber, the goal is, like I defined, a government that can defend, sustain and govern itself. The strategy is a political strategy, a security strategy, and a rebuilding the country strategy.”

What? Goal, strategy? What is he trying to say? How can Bush be allowed to lead a country to war, if he can’t even get the difference between strategy and goals straight? He can’t even put together a coherent sentence.
The mid-term elections need to bring about a change. Unfortunately Bush is not on the ballot. His party is, though. Those who blindly support him. It is time for them to go. It is time to start a new course.

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