17 December 2017

Everyone has an opinion about what’s going on in the world. This is mine.


Pennsylvania keeps Hillary Clinton in the Race

The Primary in Pennsylvania has not decided the Democratic nomination. It goes on to Indiana and North Carolina on May 6. This is not really a surprise. An Obama victory may have clinched him the nomination, but he is not strong in Pennsylvania and could not use his momentum to overcome his deficit there. He may win in Indiana (a win in North Carolina is almost certain). The chances, though, that Hillary Clinton will then drop out are slim. It is going to go to the wire.

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Solution to the Democratic Nomination fom Mario Cuomo

The comments of the former New York Governor back up my thoughts that I expressed in my last post. I’d like to highlight some excerpts of the Article from the Boston Globe here.

…because the primaries will have extended over such a long period, some voters will have changed their preference by the convention in August. Other entanglements also threaten the possibility of a selection at the convention that would be supported by both constituencies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Continue Reading »

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Bickering over the Nomination Hurting the Democrats

The intense battle for the Democratic nomination will at best leave behind a lot of ugly scar tissue. It may, however, very likely cost the Democratic candidate the election.

Back in February I warned in my post that a fight to the end will hurt the Democrats. Now this is starting to manifest itself. A recent Gallup poll shows that 20 to 30 percent of voters will turn to McCain if their candidate does not win. [1]. Continue Reading »

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The 2008 Presidential Race Thus Far – an Unusual Election

Taking a step back to look at the presidential race it is clear that the 2008 presidential election is quite unusual and already full of surprises.

Most surprising is the abrupt end of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s bid for the Republican nomination and the emergence of John McCain as the presumptive Republican Nominee.

The success of Barack Obama also comes as a surprise. It is not as much of a surprise as Giuliani’s failed campaign, but although he was seen as a strong candidate, the fact that he has put Hillary Clinton on the ropes was not expected. Nor did anyone expect that the Democratic nomination would at this point in time still be open. Continue Reading »

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